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It was a unique pleasure to exhibit at last week’s NIRSA 2021 VIRTUAL trade show and expo–the annual event for college and university recreation professionals, albeit a very unique event this year. It had the feel of a trade show–the adrenalin rush and excitement when visitors came to my booth, the enjoyment of interacting with them (200+ visitors!), and the ability to share information about the GymValet. The only difference from other shows was that all of the “interacting” was done virtually from the comfort of our “offices,” or where ever people are doing their “zooming” these days. Over 3,000 attendees participated over the three day event, and there were 40 exhibitors. Congratulations to NIRSA for putting on such a uniquely interactive and educational event!

The bottom line for me and the GymValet, is that it was a great opportunity to get the GymValet message out to the college and university campus recreation world at a time when when it is so important to continue to “fight the fight” against viruses and germs in gyms! Students have been coming back to campus over the past several months. They need to have the confidence that they can safely work out in their campus recreation facilities without the risk of “catching” COVID-19. As I always say, “Spread Fitness, Not Germs!”

That phrase couldn’t be more appropriate and important now–while we are still in the throws of the pandemic–and into the “Next Normal.” I am proud to play a part in ensuring that exercisers, on college campuses and everywhere else in the world of fitness, can be as confident that the surfaces of the equipment they are working out on are as clean and sanitized as possible with the GymValet holder for equipment sanitizing spray bottles and towels being by their side, literally. Sanitizing supplies RIGHT ON THE EQUIPMENT. Can’t get any closer, effective, efficient and safe than that. Guaranteed!!


Dr. Bruce Runs On…

Every day, for the health of it!

I run every day; I’ve been doing that for well over 40 years–for the health of it! While I might be well known for having a long consecutive day running streak, I frequently get asked two basic questions: 1) “How much do you run,” and 2) “Do you have a minimum run?” Last Sunday (January 17, 2021) I hit a “fun” minor milestone in my running. So, I took the occasion to post the event of Facebook (see below), and offer a little information/insight into my running–to answer those two questions that I am so frequently asked. I also added a picture of my marking the event–thanks to my photographer–my wife Debra–for the great image:

Today I ran for the 15,588th consecutive day (42.68 years). However, what I’m most proud of today is that I completed 33 years of running at least 40 miles per week, every week–that’s 1,722 consecutive weeks of 40+. That’s a “sub-streak” that started a little less than 10 years into my overall streak. My “secret” to streaking success (for the past several years) is sustained moderation. Over 95% of my (daily total) runs are between 5.5 and 6.5 miles. Minimum official streak run (for me) is 3.0+ miles. However, if I only have time for a quick three in the morning, there is a 100% chance I will go out later that day for another three, or so, to get my daily mileage into the “zone.”


“Real world” testing showed effectives in as little as 15 seconds!

Important new study in the Journal of Hospital Infection (see link below) about the “real world” SARS-CoV-2 (the COVID-19 “family”) inactivating effectiveness of two disinfectants commonly used for sanitizing hard surfaces and hands in the community (fitness center) setting–Quaternary Ammonium and Benzalkonium Chloride. Significant finding: Complete inactivation of the virus within 15 seconds of contact! Now, the new best practice recommendation for equipment sanitizing in the fitness center setting should be: Spray on, count to 15, wipe off. No need to enforce a “10 minute dwell time” when using Quats. (the active ingredient in the sanitizing solution we sell; www.gymvalet.com) to achieve effective sanitizing. This study shows that inactivating SARS-CoV-2 (an enveloped virus) on hard surfaces is easy and fast!!


Follow the paper trail: Last week I visited a local club. One sign requested that members sanitize “BEFORE AND AFTER USE,” in line with CDC and State recommendations. Good! However, the equipment sanitizing supplies were not conveniently located near the equipment. Nothing better than making it inconvenient for members to follow a club’s equipment sanitizing rules–especially in the mid-COVID-19 era/ Despite the “inconvenience,” Several wastebaskets full of waste paper. That’s bad! There was a Manager on-site, but she was ignoring the waste build up; that’s very bad–not hygienic, not a very good look, especially in the mid-COVID-19 era!! Twenty one rolls of paper towels were sitting on the floor in Manager’s office waiting to be used; that’s enough paper to completely cover 1/8 of a football field; that’s very, very bad–for the environment and the “wallet!!!” At over $10 per roll of paper towels the cost of a “disposables” based equipment cleaning system adds up quickly, and the cash register never stops “ringing!”

Compare and contrast: The GymValet Equipment Cleaning system solves the problem of inconvenient placement of the sanitizing supplies–the sanitizing supplies right on the equipment. The GymValet system is based on using a scientifically proven safe spray bottle and reusable towel sanitizing system. That’s convenient, effective and efficient sanitizing; NO paper waste; wallet friendly!!! The cash register is virtually “silent!” 

There is a better way, the GymValet way. Visit us at www.gymvalet.com, or contact us by phone at (216) 378-4298 or email at bru...@gymvalet.com to learn how the GymValet system can give you the best equipment sanitizing system in the mid-COVID-19 era and into the “new normal,” and save you significant $$$$$$$ in equipment cleaning costa and save the environment! Guaranteed.


Read an article by Dr. Bruce Sherman that appears on pages 22-23 in the Special Edition 2020 (August) edition of the National Fitness Trade Journal.

Click on the “NFTJ Special Edition 2020” link above, then forward through the Journal to Pages 22 & 23 to read Dr. Bruce’s article.

There has never been a more important time health and fitness facility owners, managers and directors to offer their members the most Effective, Efficient, Economical, and Simple way to sanitize equipment before and after each use–the “new normal” in equipment sanitizing. Read Dr. Bruce’s thoughts on why the GymValet Equipment Cleaning System perfectly meets the requirements of “The Three E’s and one S!”


Gyms are re-opening…slowly. Are all of the “i’s dotted and t’s crossed?” Socially distanced equipment placement–whether by moving equipment out, or signage/barriers on equipment to prevent its use–is happening. What seems to be lagging is the improvement of equipment sanitizing systems to best ensure that body contacted equipment surfaces can easily be sanitized before and after each use, as recommended by the CDC and Departments of Health. Convenient access to equipment sanitizing supplies–from EVERY piece of equipment in gyms–is essential if the new recommendations for sanitizing frequency are to be met. Here’s a representative example (in a small gym) of not good enough!! Check out the distance from the “sanitizing station” to the various pieces of equipment–the “tentacles” extend up to almost 30 feet! In the new normal “we” need some help in protecting ourselves from each other. My challenge to gyms everywhere is to make the effort to position sanitizing supplies close to all equipment, however you do it–on the floor, on the walls, (ideally) on the equipment. Just do it!!

The health of your exercisers/members depends on consistent equipment sanitizing (among other new sanitizing initiatives). Remember, your members’ perceptions are their realities. If they don’t feel safe in your gym, they have choices and may choose to go elsewhere; gyms that don’t present an environment of cleanliness and safety may soon be out of business.

Spread fitness, not germs!


Dr. Bruce: GymValet Guy and World Record Coach!

Dr. Bruce: GymValet Guy and World Record Coach! thumbnail

I take great pride in being known as the “GymValet guy.” I invented and patented the GymValet, and am the President of GymValet/B & D Specialty Concepts, Inc. While marketing and selling GymValets across the US and around the world is my full time job and passion, as an Exercise Physiologist I do like carve out some time to “exercise” a little more of my passion and do some personal fitness training and coach track and field–all ages, all events. In the training/coaching realm, my current “pride and joy” is a 98-year old woman, Diane Friedman from Lyndhurst, Ohio, who has established herself as a one-in-the-world track athlete.

The timeliness of this post is that at the recently concluded USA Track & Field Annual Meeting, Diane’s 400 meter dash time of 3:21.00, run on July 27, 2019, has been certified as a US (USATF) and world (World Masters Athletics, WMA) record in the women’s 95-99 year old age group. She now officially holds the USATF and WMA records in the 100, 200 and 400 meter dashes; the only person in the world, male or female, to concurrently hold all three sprint records. What’s next for Diane? How about the 800 meter record that currently stands at 9:30.46. Can she get it? Let’s do some simple math: If she ran one lap around the track in 3:21, with the proper training I think she should be able to pace herself around the track twice in under 9:30!! G-d willing, that record should go down next summer. Diane proves…Young at heart has no age limit™.  Proud to be her personal fitness trainer and Coach!


Hopefully it is never too late for a compliment…Kudos to legendary football coach and sports broadcaster Lou Holtz for his keynote address at last week’s Athletic Business Show.  Lou, a 1959 graduate of Kent State University (go Flashes!) was both inspiring and entertaining as he took the large audience for a ride along his path to success as a coach (his football stories are great!!), broadcaster, husband and father.  Throughout, Coach Holtz explained how his “three rules for living a good life” have shaped his coaching and broadcasting careers, as well as his personal life.  The three rules are: 1) do what’s right, 2) do your best, and 3) show everyone you care.  Running parallel to his discussion on how he applied (and still applies) his three rules both professionally and personally were his examples of how the health and fitness professionals in the audience could incorporate the three rules into their work/jobs.  “Are you committed to excellence,” he challenged. “Is your facility clean,” he then asked emphatically!  As you might assume, that brought a smile to my face; I almost shouted out, “Preach it, Brother!” Lou Holtz’s first example of a commitment to excellence, in our industry, is a clean facility.  Very proud that my unwavering commitment to clean and safe exercise equipment via the GymValet and the GymValet Equipment Cleaning System is in lockstep with Lou Holtz’s “vision” and the application of his three rules.

If you’re wondering, why only three rules, Coach Holtz explained that he has never seen the need to add a fourth (or more); the three rules, “cover it all,” he noted. 

Thanks, Lou, for a thoroughly entertaining, inspiring and enlightening hour.  No notes and no slides, but 100% captivating.  And, leave it to the old coach to end his talk perfectly on time.  Oh, and by the way, Lou Holtz is just short of celebrating his 83rd birthday!!   


Read Dr. Bruce Sherman’s two-page article that appears in the Summer 2019 edition of the National Fitness Trade Journal.

Click on” NFTJ Summer 2019″ above, then forward through the Journal to Pg. 42 & 43 to read Dr. Bruce’s article

Dr. Bruce pulls no punches when it comes to surveying the current state of affairs in the world of fitness equipment cleaning and sanitizing. He “calls it as he sees it,” and, generally, the state of cleaning needs much improvement. The good news is that Dr. Bruce forwards easily-achieved, best-practice, advice–if equipment cleaning supplies are close at hand, they will be used! Guaranteed!! You can’t get any closer than attaching the cleaning supplies right to the equipment! Guess what’s the ONLY product on the market that lets you achieve that right-at-hand convenience…it’s the GymValet, of course. The GymValet gives you the most convenient, effective, economical and environmentally friendly equipment cleaning system on the market.


Dr. Bruce is among the health and fitness industry’s leaders when it comes to best-practice strategies for effective, economical and environmentally friendly equipment cleaning and sanitizing. No one likes to work out on sweat and germ laden, smelly equipment. It’s not enjoyable, and it’s not safe!! Following Dr. Bruce’s simple tips can immediately improve a facility’s equipment cleaning effectiveness. The improvement in equipment safety, member satisfaction, and member retention and attraction will be immediate, too! Spread fitness, not germs!!