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Gyms are re-opening…slowly. Are all of the “i’s dotted and t’s crossed?” Socially distanced equipment placement–whether by moving equipment out, or signage/barriers on equipment to prevent its use–is happening. What seems to be lagging is the improvement of equipment sanitizing systems to best ensure that body contacted equipment surfaces can easily be sanitized before and after each use, as recommended by the CDC and Departments of Health. Convenient access to equipment sanitizing supplies–from EVERY piece of equipment in gyms–is essential if the new recommendations for sanitizing frequency are to be met. Here’s a representative example (in a small gym) of not good enough!! Check out the distance from the “sanitizing station” to the various pieces of equipment–the “tentacles” extend up to almost 30 feet! In the new normal “we” need some help in protecting ourselves from each other. My challenge to gyms everywhere is to make the effort to position sanitizing supplies close to all equipment, however you do it–on the floor, on the walls, (ideally) on the equipment. Just do it!!

The health of your exercisers/members depends on consistent equipment sanitizing (among other new sanitizing initiatives). Remember, your members’ perceptions are their realities. If they don’t feel safe in your gym, they have choices and may choose to go elsewhere; gyms that don’t present an environment of cleanliness and safety may soon be out of business.

Spread fitness, not germs!


Dr. Bruce: GymValet Guy and World Record Coach!

Dr. Bruce: GymValet Guy and World Record Coach! thumbnail

I take great pride in being known as the “GymValet guy.” I invented and patented the GymValet, and am the President of GymValet/B & D Specialty Concepts, Inc. While marketing and selling GymValets across the US and around the world is my full time job and passion, as an Exercise Physiologist I do like carve out some time to “exercise” a little more of my passion and do some personal fitness training and coach track and field–all ages, all events. In the training/coaching realm, my current “pride and joy” is a 98-year old woman, Diane Friedman from Lyndhurst, Ohio, who has established herself as a one-in-the-world track athlete.

The timeliness of this post is that at the recently concluded USA Track & Field Annual Meeting, Diane’s 400 meter dash time of 3:21.00, run on July 27, 2019, has been certified as a US (USATF) and world (World Masters Athletics, WMA) record in the women’s 95-99 year old age group. She now officially holds the USATF and WMA records in the 100, 200 and 400 meter dashes; the only person in the world, male or female, to concurrently hold all three sprint records. What’s next for Diane? How about the 800 meter record that currently stands at 9:30.46. Can she get it? Let’s do some simple math: If she ran one lap around the track in 3:21, with the proper training I think she should be able to pace herself around the track twice in under 9:30!! G-d willing, that record should go down next summer. Diane proves…Young at heart has no age limit™.  Proud to be her personal fitness trainer and Coach!


Hopefully it is never too late for a compliment…Kudos to legendary football coach and sports broadcaster Lou Holtz for his keynote address at last week’s Athletic Business Show.  Lou, a 1959 graduate of Kent State University (go Flashes!) was both inspiring and entertaining as he took the large audience for a ride along his path to success as a coach (his football stories are great!!), broadcaster, husband and father.  Throughout, Coach Holtz explained how his “three rules for living a good life” have shaped his coaching and broadcasting careers, as well as his personal life.  The three rules are: 1) do what’s right, 2) do your best, and 3) show everyone you care.  Running parallel to his discussion on how he applied (and still applies) his three rules both professionally and personally were his examples of how the health and fitness professionals in the audience could incorporate the three rules into their work/jobs.  “Are you committed to excellence,” he challenged. “Is your facility clean,” he then asked emphatically!  As you might assume, that brought a smile to my face; I almost shouted out, “Preach it, Brother!” Lou Holtz’s first example of a commitment to excellence, in our industry, is a clean facility.  Very proud that my unwavering commitment to clean and safe exercise equipment via the GymValet and the GymValet Equipment Cleaning System is in lockstep with Lou Holtz’s “vision” and the application of his three rules.

If you’re wondering, why only three rules, Coach Holtz explained that he has never seen the need to add a fourth (or more); the three rules, “cover it all,” he noted. 

Thanks, Lou, for a thoroughly entertaining, inspiring and enlightening hour.  No notes and no slides, but 100% captivating.  And, leave it to the old coach to end his talk perfectly on time.  Oh, and by the way, Lou Holtz is just short of celebrating his 83rd birthday!!   


Read Dr. Bruce Sherman’s two-page article that appears in the Summer 2019 edition of the National Fitness Trade Journal.

Click on” NFTJ Summer 2019″ above, then forward through the Journal to Pg. 42 & 43 to read Dr. Bruce’s article

Dr. Bruce pulls no punches when it comes to surveying the current state of affairs in the world of fitness equipment cleaning and sanitizing. He “calls it as he sees it,” and, generally, the state of cleaning needs much improvement. The good news is that Dr. Bruce forwards easily-achieved, best-practice, advice–if equipment cleaning supplies are close at hand, they will be used! Guaranteed!! You can’t get any closer than attaching the cleaning supplies right to the equipment! Guess what’s the ONLY product on the market that lets you achieve that right-at-hand convenience…it’s the GymValet, of course. The GymValet gives you the most convenient, effective, economical and environmentally friendly equipment cleaning system on the market.


Dr. Bruce is among the health and fitness industry’s leaders when it comes to best-practice strategies for effective, economical and environmentally friendly equipment cleaning and sanitizing. No one likes to work out on sweat and germ laden, smelly equipment. It’s not enjoyable, and it’s not safe!! Following Dr. Bruce’s simple tips can immediately improve a facility’s equipment cleaning effectiveness. The improvement in equipment safety, member satisfaction, and member retention and attraction will be immediate, too! Spread fitness, not germs!!


Germ Filled Gym? Problem Solved!

GymValet is proud to be featured in the 2018 Problem Solver edition of Recreation Management magazine.  In the magazine, GymValet provides advice to fitness facility managers and owners who may face a common issue: ineffective cleaning systems that lead to germ-filled gyms. Many of these facilities have inconvenient “cleaning stations” that result in low member compliance when it comes to cleaning. Luckily, there is a simple solution. GymValet provides convenient and effective cleaning; cleaning supplies right on the equipment. If that doesn’t scream “problem solved”, I don’t know what does!

In the article, we discuss how gym cleanliness is often swept under the rug and not prioritized by facility managers/owners. “Keeping your fitness facility clean, especially your fitness equipment, might not be the first thing you think about when considering ways to attract and retain members, but cleanliness is a key driver of the way your gym is perceived. Equipment cleanliness isn’t something you should worry about once in a while, but should be part of your staff’s ongoing daily cleaning regimen.” So how do we make easy, regular cleaning a priority and a reality?

The solution is right at hand with GymValet. It’s all about convenience.  “The key to getting members to clean up after themselves is to make it simple and convenient. Position equipment cleaning supplies to be readily available—within arm’s reach of every piece of equipment.” This is why we made GymValet universally and easily attachable to almost every kind of gym equipment.

But what about cost? The answer is simple. “Combinations of spray bottles and paper towels as well as containers of disposable pre-moistened wipes are popular options, but they are very costly and create a great deal of waste. Providing sanitizing spray bottles and reusable towels generates far less waste and permits members to clean and sanitize at a much lower cost than other options.”

Sounds like a no-brainer! This germ-filled gym problem is solved with GymValet. If you have more questions about how GymValet can help improve the quality of your gym, contact us at 866-435-2009 OR 216-378-4298 (if outside the US).


40 Years of Running EVERY DAY!

40 Years of Running EVERY DAY! thumbnail

I am so thrilled to share with you a great personal milestone I am about to reach. On May 15, 2018, I will mark 40 years of my running streak.

I have run at least three miles every single day for the last 40 years!

That will mean 14,600 days of consecutive running or 2,100 weeks of running every day without fail!

How many miles can you cover in 40 years of running? 100,000 miles on foot, which is a total of 4 times around the world! This is one of the longest running streaks in the world and I have no intention of slowing down! I am currently #19 on the USA’s list of longest running streaks.

I started my running streak when I was 23. Commitment to a 40-year running streak takes dedication, focus, and just starting small and growing from there. This dedication and passion I have for this personal commitment is a great representation of how I also feel about the GymValet cleaning system that I have developed. 

The Cleveland Jewish News recently posted an article that captures my story quite nicely.

I am so excited to celebrate my 40-year running streak on May 15 and to celebrate many more years of the streak to come!

Thanks for your support and good wishes as I accomplish this personal fitness milestone.


The Top 3 Reasons to Choose GymValet

Want to save thousands of dollars per year on equipment cleaning costs and benefit from the great reputation that comes with being a clean facility?

The importance of a clean facility and equipment is undeniable. Cleanliness is crucial for sales, marketing, member attraction and retention – as well as a great insurance policy against the spread of germs and viruses that can live on the surfaces of exercise equipment. Remember.. members go to the gm to get healthy, not sick!

In order to maintain a healthy workout environment in your facility, cleaning needs to be prioritized. Frequently touched, body-contacted surfaces need to be sanitized after each use. Without doing so, you run the risk of user-to-user bacteria or virus transmission. Now this frequent and consistent cleaning can sound like quite a burden for gym owners and staff. Well fortunately I, Dr. Bruce Sherman, have designed a cost effective, convenient, and environmentally friendly solution.

GymValet is the industry’s #1 holder for spray bottles and towels. Here’s why:

  1. Cost – Research has shown that in equal-use situations disinfectant spray bottles and towels can save you up to 90-95% versus disposable wipes. For many facilities that means saving $5,000-$15,000 per year!

  2. Effectiveness & Convenience – The GymValet holder puts the spray bottle and towel right on the equipment – within one step or arm’s length of the exerciser. This facilitates immediate cleaning before and/or after each use.

3). Environmental Responsibility: Single-use disposable wipes create a lot of waste. One roll of disposable wipes generates several garbage cans full of wipes waste. Also, wipes are generally made from synthetic fibers that are practically impossible to biodegrade – not very eco-friendly! Yes, towels must be washed on a regular basis, but research shows that gym-quality towels (that cost about $1 each) can be washed several hundreds of times before being “retired”.


Wiping Away Towel Myths

Wiping Away Towel Myths

As I speak with fitness industry professionals around the country, and around the world, I am frequently asked about towels that are used to sanitize fitness equipment.  Or to be more specific:

“Doesn’t a towel that gets used repeatedly to wipe away sweat become germ-laden from all that sweat?”

Actually, the opposite is true. A spray bottle and towel equipment cleaning system proves to be a very effective method for sanitizing just-used exercise equipment surfaces.  Why?  Because the towels are progressively absorbing sanitizing cleaning solution.  In other words, they are continuously refreshed with the disinfectant.  Therefore, there is a concentrated/significant amount of disinfectant that remains on the towel at all times. The reusable spray-towel, when not in use, is sanitized; it is at “work” even while the towel is “at rest.”

Another important point to consider and understand is that per use, the volume of cleaning solution that is sprayed on the surface to be cleaned, or sprayed on the towel prior to wiping the surface, is generally much greater than the volume of body fluids that are wiped up.  The ratio of the volume of disinfectant on the towel to the volume to sweat is generally in favor of the disinfectant!

Still need convincing? Then consider a little sweat science:

  • In a fitness facility setting, equipment surfaces are NEVER exposed to full sweat-laden nude body surface contact (at least now at any club I’ve ever been to).   An exerciser stands on, sits on, or lies on a machine with a relatively small portion of their total body surface area actually contacting that machine.  However, the major point that can’t be overlooked here is…it doesn’t take much contact (sweaty or not, drops or not) to spread germs or viruses.  The good news, on the other hand, is that it doesn’t take much disinfectant solution to effectively kill germs and viruses!

  • Speaking of drops, excessive sweat at any one spot on the body can turn into a “drop.”  What is the volume of a drop?  It is generally accepted that 20 drops equal 1 ml.  Interestingly, the average amount of cleaning solution dispensed with one pull of a trigger-sprayer is approximately 1 mL. The average person pulls the trigger 3 to 4 times to clean a piece of equipment. That’s the equivalent of 60 to 80 drops of sweat – a lot of sweat!

Hopefully you now see the reasons why we say a towel based cleaning system is a safe and effective way to go: 1) The cleaning solution to sweat ratio is strongly in favor of the solution, 2) the cleaning towel is truly clean and safe to reuse—a very effective method for sanitizing just-used exercise equipment surfaces, and 3) a cloth towel-based equipment cleaning system can save you a lot of money versus pre-moistened wipes and paper towel based systems…and don’t forget, you won’t be generating environment polluting paper and wipes waste, either!


GymValet Appears in Oscar Winning Film!

Plays supporting role in The Big Short.

When The Big Short won the Oscar, on Sunday night, for Best Writing Adapted Screenplay, I celebrated, too, because the GymValet can be seen attached to two Woodway Curve treadmills for almost one minute (in the 56th and 57th minutes of the movie) in the “gym scene” with Ryan Gosling talking on his phone.  Can you imagine my surprise when I saw the movie in the theater and the GymValet appeared on the “Big Screen?”  Very excited and very proud!!