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Germ Filled Gym? Problem Solved!

GymValet is proud to be featured in the 2018 Problem Solver edition of Recreation Management magazine.  In the magazine, GymValet provides advice to fitness facility managers and owners who may face a common issue: ineffective cleaning systems that lead to germ-filled gyms. Many of these facilities have inconvenient “cleaning stations” that result in low member compliance when it comes to cleaning. Luckily, there is a simple solution. GymValet provides convenient and effective cleaning; cleaning supplies right on the equipment. If that doesn’t scream “problem solved”, I don’t know what does!

In the article, we discuss how gym cleanliness is often swept under the rug and not prioritized by facility managers/owners. “Keeping your fitness facility clean, especially your fitness equipment, might not be the first thing you think about when considering ways to attract and retain members, but cleanliness is a key driver of the way your gym is perceived. Equipment cleanliness isn’t something you should worry about once in a while, but should be part of your staff’s ongoing daily cleaning regimen.” So how do we make easy, regular cleaning a priority and a reality?

The solution is right at hand with GymValet. It’s all about convenience.  “The key to getting members to clean up after themselves is to make it simple and convenient. Position equipment cleaning supplies to be readily available—within arm’s reach of every piece of equipment.” This is why we made GymValet universally and easily attachable to almost every kind of gym equipment.

But what about cost? The answer is simple. “Combinations of spray bottles and paper towels as well as containers of disposable pre-moistened wipes are popular options, but they are very costly and create a great deal of waste. Providing sanitizing spray bottles and reusable towels generates far less waste and permits members to clean and sanitize at a much lower cost than other options.”

Sounds like a no-brainer! This germ-filled gym problem is solved with GymValet. If you have more questions about how GymValet can help improve the quality of your gym, contact us at 866-435-2009 OR 216-378-4298 (if outside the US).

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