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GymValet: The Shortest Distance to Clean — National Fitness Trade Journal, Summer 2019 Edition

Read Dr. Bruce Sherman’s two-page article that appears in the Summer 2019 edition of the National Fitness Trade Journal.

Click on” NFTJ Summer 2019″ above, then forward through the Journal to Pg. 42 & 43 to read Dr. Bruce’s article

Dr. Bruce pulls no punches when it comes to surveying the current state of affairs in the world of fitness equipment cleaning and sanitizing. He “calls it as he sees it,” and, generally, the state of cleaning needs much improvement. The good news is that Dr. Bruce forwards easily-achieved, best-practice, advice–if equipment cleaning supplies are close at hand, they will be used! Guaranteed!! You can’t get any closer than attaching the cleaning supplies right to the equipment! Guess what’s the ONLY product on the market that lets you achieve that right-at-hand convenience…it’s the GymValet, of course. The GymValet gives you the most convenient, effective, economical and environmentally friendly equipment cleaning system on the market.

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