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Lou Holtz’s Inspiring and Entertaining Keynote Address at 2019 Athletic Business Show

Lou Holtz’s Inspiring and Entertaining Keynote Address at 2019 Athletic Business Show post image

Hopefully it is never too late for a compliment…Kudos to legendary football coach and sports broadcaster Lou Holtz for his keynote address at last week’s Athletic Business Show.  Lou, a 1959 graduate of Kent State University (go Flashes!) was both inspiring and entertaining as he took the large audience for a ride along his path to success as a coach (his football stories are great!!), broadcaster, husband and father.  Throughout, Coach Holtz explained how his “three rules for living a good life” have shaped his coaching and broadcasting careers, as well as his personal life.  The three rules are: 1) do what’s right, 2) do your best, and 3) show everyone you care.  Running parallel to his discussion on how he applied (and still applies) his three rules both professionally and personally were his examples of how the health and fitness professionals in the audience could incorporate the three rules into their work/jobs.  “Are you committed to excellence,” he challenged. “Is your facility clean,” he then asked emphatically!  As you might assume, that brought a smile to my face; I almost shouted out, “Preach it, Brother!” Lou Holtz’s first example of a commitment to excellence, in our industry, is a clean facility.  Very proud that my unwavering commitment to clean and safe exercise equipment via the GymValet and the GymValet Equipment Cleaning System is in lockstep with Lou Holtz’s “vision” and the application of his three rules.

If you’re wondering, why only three rules, Coach Holtz explained that he has never seen the need to add a fourth (or more); the three rules, “cover it all,” he noted. 

Thanks, Lou, for a thoroughly entertaining, inspiring and enlightening hour.  No notes and no slides, but 100% captivating.  And, leave it to the old coach to end his talk perfectly on time.  Oh, and by the way, Lou Holtz is just short of celebrating his 83rd birthday!!   

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