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Dr. Bruce: GymValet Guy and World Record Coach!

Dr. Bruce: GymValet Guy and World Record Coach! post image

98 Year Old 3-Time World Record Holder Diane Friedman in Full Stride

I take great pride in being known as the “GymValet guy.” I invented and patented the GymValet, and am the President of GymValet/B & D Specialty Concepts, Inc. While marketing and selling GymValets across the US and around the world is my full time job and passion, as an Exercise Physiologist I do like carve out some time to “exercise” a little more of my passion and do some personal fitness training and coach track and field–all ages, all events. In the training/coaching realm, my current “pride and joy” is a 98-year old woman, Diane Friedman from Lyndhurst, Ohio, who has established herself as a one-in-the-world track athlete.

The timeliness of this post is that at the recently concluded USA Track & Field Annual Meeting, Diane’s 400 meter dash time of 3:21.00, run on July 27, 2019, has been certified as a US (USATF) and world (World Masters Athletics, WMA) record in the women’s 95-99 year old age group. She now officially holds the USATF and WMA records in the 100, 200 and 400 meter dashes; the only person in the world, male or female, to concurrently hold all three sprint records. What’s next for Diane? How about the 800 meter record that currently stands at 9:30.46. Can she get it? Let’s do some simple math: If she ran one lap around the track in 3:21, with the proper training I think she should be able to pace herself around the track twice in under 9:30!! G-d willing, that record should go down next summer. Diane proves…Young at heart has no age limit™.  Proud to be her personal fitness trainer and Coach!

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