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Equipment Sanitizing in the New Normal. The “Tentacles” of Truth. We Need to Do Better!

Gyms are re-opening…slowly. Are all of the “i’s dotted and t’s crossed?” Socially distanced equipment placement–whether by moving equipment out, or signage/barriers on equipment to prevent its use–is happening. What seems to be lagging is the improvement of equipment sanitizing systems to best ensure that body contacted equipment surfaces can easily be sanitized before and after each use, as recommended by the CDC and Departments of Health. Convenient access to equipment sanitizing supplies–from EVERY piece of equipment in gyms–is essential if the new recommendations for sanitizing frequency are to be met. Here’s a representative example (in a small gym) of not good enough!! Check out the distance from the “sanitizing station” to the various pieces of equipment–the “tentacles” extend up to almost 30 feet! In the new normal “we” need some help in protecting ourselves from each other. My challenge to gyms everywhere is to make the effort to position sanitizing supplies close to all equipment, however you do it–on the floor, on the walls, (ideally) on the equipment. Just do it!!

The health of your exercisers/members depends on consistent equipment sanitizing (among other new sanitizing initiatives). Remember, your members’ perceptions are their realities. If they don’t feel safe in your gym, they have choices and may choose to go elsewhere; gyms that don’t present an environment of cleanliness and safety may soon be out of business.

Spread fitness, not germs!

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