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There Must Be a Better Way in the COVID-19 Era. Oh, There Is! Compare and Contrast.

There Must Be a Better Way in the COVID-19 Era.  Oh, There Is!  Compare and Contrast. post image

Follow the paper trail: Last week I visited a local club. One sign requested that members sanitize “BEFORE AND AFTER USE,” in line with CDC and State recommendations. Good! However, the equipment sanitizing supplies were not conveniently located near the equipment. Nothing better than making it inconvenient for members to follow a club’s equipment sanitizing rules–especially in the mid-COVID-19 era/ Despite the “inconvenience,” Several wastebaskets full of waste paper. That’s bad! There was a Manager on-site, but she was ignoring the waste build up; that’s very bad–not hygienic, not a very good look, especially in the mid-COVID-19 era!! Twenty one rolls of paper towels were sitting on the floor in Manager’s office waiting to be used; that’s enough paper to completely cover 1/8 of a football field; that’s very, very bad–for the environment and the “wallet!!!” At over $10 per roll of paper towels the cost of a “disposables” based equipment cleaning system adds up quickly, and the cash register never stops “ringing!”

Compare and contrast: The GymValet Equipment Cleaning system solves the problem of inconvenient placement of the sanitizing supplies–the sanitizing supplies right on the equipment. The GymValet system is based on using a scientifically proven safe spray bottle and reusable towel sanitizing system. That’s convenient, effective and efficient sanitizing; NO paper waste; wallet friendly!!! The cash register is virtually “silent!” 

There is a better way, the GymValet way. Visit us at www.gymvalet.com, or contact us by phone at (216) 378-4298 or email at bru...@gymvalet.com to learn how the GymValet system can give you the best equipment sanitizing system in the mid-COVID-19 era and into the “new normal,” and save you significant $$$$$$$ in equipment cleaning costa and save the environment! Guaranteed.

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