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Dr. Bruce Runs On…

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Every day, for the health of it!

I run every day; I’ve been doing that for well over 40 years–for the health of it! While I might be well known for having a long consecutive day running streak, I frequently get asked two basic questions: 1) “How much do you run,” and 2) “Do you have a minimum run?” Last Sunday (January 17, 2021) I hit a “fun” minor milestone in my running. So, I took the occasion to post the event of Facebook (see below), and offer a little information/insight into my running–to answer those two questions that I am so frequently asked. I also added a picture of my marking the event–thanks to my photographer–my wife Debra–for the great image:

Today I ran for the 15,588th consecutive day (42.68 years). However, what I’m most proud of today is that I completed 33 years of running at least 40 miles per week, every week–that’s 1,722 consecutive weeks of 40+. That’s a “sub-streak” that started a little less than 10 years into my overall streak. My “secret” to streaking success (for the past several years) is sustained moderation. Over 95% of my (daily total) runs are between 5.5 and 6.5 miles. Minimum official streak run (for me) is 3.0+ miles. However, if I only have time for a quick three in the morning, there is a 100% chance I will go out later that day for another three, or so, to get my daily mileage into the “zone.”

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