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It was a unique pleasure to exhibit at last week’s NIRSA 2021 VIRTUAL trade show and expo–the annual event for college and university recreation professionals, albeit a very unique event this year. It had the feel of a trade show–the adrenalin rush and excitement when visitors came to my booth, the enjoyment of interacting with them (200+ visitors!), and the ability to share information about the GymValet. The only difference from other shows was that all of the “interacting” was done virtually from the comfort of our “offices,” or where ever people are doing their “zooming” these days. Over 3,000 attendees participated over the three day event, and there were 40 exhibitors. Congratulations to NIRSA for putting on such a uniquely interactive and educational event!

The bottom line for me and the GymValet, is that it was a great opportunity to get the GymValet message out to the college and university campus recreation world at a time when when it is so important to continue to “fight the fight” against viruses and germs in gyms! Students have been coming back to campus over the past several months. They need to have the confidence that they can safely work out in their campus recreation facilities without the risk of “catching” COVID-19. As I always say, “Spread Fitness, Not Germs!”

That phrase couldn’t be more appropriate and important now–while we are still in the throws of the pandemic–and into the “Next Normal.” I am proud to play a part in ensuring that exercisers, on college campuses and everywhere else in the world of fitness, can be as confident that the surfaces of the equipment they are working out on are as clean and sanitized as possible with the GymValet holder for equipment sanitizing spray bottles and towels being by their side, literally. Sanitizing supplies RIGHT ON THE EQUIPMENT. Can’t get any closer, effective, efficient and safe than that. Guaranteed!!

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