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Kranking With Johnny G. | IHRSA 2010

I have been “aware” of Johnny G. since I was first introduced to the “spinning” concept in 1995.  Historically speaking, one of spinning’s first official introduction/coming out parties was at the pre-race banquet on the eve of the 1995 Bicycle Race Across America (RAAM).  If you have never heard of RAAM, it is a non-stop transcontinental bicycle race–for both individuals and teams–that basically starts west coast “darn near” to the Pacific Ocean and finishes, approximately 3,000 miles later, on the east coast (as  you can probably guess) “darn near” to the Atlantic Ocean.   It was introduced to the RAAM crowd as a great off-season training alternative to cranking out the (boring) miles on the wind-trainer or rollers.

So, fast forward about 10 years…Having been on the fitness industry trade show cricuit since 2006, I have had the chance to (re)introduce myself to Johnny and retell the story of my first introduction to spinning.  This has allowed me to establish a cordial and casual professional relationship with this industry pioneer.

My last Johnny sighting came as I was checking out the trade show floor at this year’s IHRSA Show, I couldn’t help but be attracted to the “energy” that was being created by the “Kranking” class that was in progress.  Sure enough, there was Johnny G. right in the thick of it–not teaching,  just admiring the effort being put forth by the Krankers.  As you can see, he flashed me the universal greeting for Krankers–translated it means, “How about those guns!”

Great show, and a great upper body workout.  Although, we can’t minimize the stabilization work the lower body must be doing to permit the upper body “krank” out the torque and effort.

I would be interested to hear any comments on the Kranking movement.  Have you tried it?  What kind of a workout does it give YOU?    Anyone use Kranking as cross-trainging for other sports (swimming, for example).  Feel free to chime in and let us know your thoughts.

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