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“Icky” and “Sicky”

I have previously written that club cleanliness is a powerful member attraction, retention, and customer satisfaction tool.  Need further proof…I refer you the “IHRSA’s Guide to Health Club Cleanliness” (2009) to read more on the topic.  

But now, let’s get visual.  If you think that the “issue” of club cleanliness is something new, guess again.  I refer you to the following expose´ that aired on ABC TV’s “Primetime” in January, 2005.  This powerful piece speaks for itself; it speaks the truth—even in 2010. 

The bottom line is that “icky” and potentially “sicky” doesn’t sell.  I don’t go to the gym to get sick, do you?

Let’s all band together behind my mantra, “Spread Fitness, Not Germs!”  See you at the “health” club.

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