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Reusable Equipment Cleaning Towels- Microbiologist Tested Safe!

Advanced “Towel-ology”

We decided to put the “is a reusable equipment cleaning towel really clean” controversy to the test!  Our purpose was to test two towel wiping protocols—dry-towel wiping and disinfectant sprayed-towel wiping—against the “germs” of the fitness industry.  Here comes the good science–enter the analytical testing lab, the professional Microbiologist, and a double-blind research study!

Our experimental design involved studying two types of reusable-towel equipment cleaning protocols under equal-use conditions: 1) Towel-wipe only, i.e., no disinfectant solution available, and 2) Towel-wipe with disinfectant spray available—the equipment was sprayed then towel-wiped after each use.

Here’s the bottom line conclusion from the Microbiologist:  Cloth towels, when used in combination with a high-quality sanitizing solution, were determined to be clean and safe for reuse. In other words, they proved to be a safe option for cleaning fitness equipment.  Dry towel wiping, on the other hand was found to NOT be effective—you’re just moving germs from point A to point B!

You can expand the dry “towel” concept to both paper-towel and disposable wipes wiping.  How often do you see an exerciser wiping with a dry piece of paper-towel, or with a dry disposable wipe?  From my experience, the answer is too often.  A good rule of thumb is—one good wipe and the paper/wipe is dry:  Once the “wiper” is dry it is INEFFECTIVE!

So, PLEASE do not hesitate to pursue, switch to, and/or continue to use a disinfectant spray bottle and cloth wiping towel equipment cleaning system—keep the bottle and towel in close proximity to each other, and in close proximity to each piece of equipment.

Believe in the science, believe in the scientists, and believe me…a spray bottle and towel equipment cleaning system will keep your exercisers safe and healthy, save you a lot of money and save the environment from unnecessary disposable wipes and paper towel waste!

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