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F.I.T. in Cleanliness!

 Oops!  You Forgot Something.

I was pleased to receive my September issue of Club Business International (C.B.I.) the other day, along with IHRSA’s 2011 F.I.T. Fitness Equipment Buyer’s Guide.

As I looked through the Guide I sensed a curious disconnect…while there was no shortage of sections for fitness EQUIPMENT, there was no section dedicated to fitness EQUIPMENT CLEANING and sanitizing products.  Today, exercisers demand clean, so I expected to see at least a small section in the fitness industry’s most important and comprehensive buyer’s guide that highlighted the wide variety of equipment sanitizing products that are out there. 

After all, in 2008 we received IHRSA’s Guide to Health Club Cleanliness.  And, we still find reference to the statistic citing 60% of people who quit health clubs do it due to lack of club-cleanliness from IHRSA’s 1998 study, Why People Quit, in club management literature today.

OK, get ready for my sarcastic and biting comment and overused cliché…If the industry’s leading buyer’s guide, which is published in association with one of the industry’s most important magazines (C.B.I.), can’t devote a small section to equipment cleaning/sanitizing products, then stop writing so many articles and papers on the topic of germs in gyms!!  If you want to talk the talk, you must walk the walk.    

Of course I have a vested interest in fitness equipment cleanliness, I’m the Founder and President of GymValet,  but so do a lot of other companies.  Memo to F.I.T.: Give equipment cleaning and sanitizing products a section.  Even if some of the companies don’t want to pay for an ad—to get a promotional picture and blurb in the section—at least list the associated companies in a dedicated section and live up to the publication’s name…Buyer’s Guide.

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