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Richard Simmons “Rocks” Club Industry-Chicago 2010

Kudos to the master-minds at Club Industry for inviting Richard Simmons to be a Keynote speaker at the 2010 Club Industry-Chicago Show!  In case you missed it, check out the video-montage I put together—filmed from my seat in the third row.

Richard did not disappoint!  Once Pam Kufahl was finally able to get him on stage, Richard was unstoppable—literally.  He selectively invited three groups of “new” friends to join him up on stage to shake their collective booties.  Once the music started, Richard took the participants and the audience on magical ride back into the Aerobics Dance history; I haven’t seen some of those moves for over 20 years!  But, who cares…he’s timeless and tremendous.  Simply Fun!

These were Richard’s music selections for the various groups:

Under 30’s:  Dancing in the Streets, by Martha and the Vandellas

Those who lost weight:  Bad Romance, by Lady Gaga

Macho men:  I’m Too Sexy, by Said Right Fred

Before I go on…let me say a thing or two about the group of weight losers:

1)      Congratulations on your weight loss

2)      FYI, the average weight loss for the 29 individuals who volunteered their results was 46.4 pounds—1345 pounds lost!  The median weight loss was 40 pounds.

3)      I would like to hear a few comments on WHY health and fitness professionals let themselves get to that state of overweight.  We, as industry professionals, have to be role models for those who look up to us and depend on us.  Eat healthy, work out regularly, and control the weight.  As I always say, we teach it and preach it, so we must live it and breathe it!

I welcome your comments on this issue.

After the fun and games, Richard took a few minutes to tell us the heart-felt story of Richard Simmons.  Richard’s long struggle with his weight is well-chronicled all over the internet.  But, out of his mouth—delivered with amazing passionate and emotion—the story really comes alive.  We felt his pain, sorrow, and, most importantly, joy—the joy of helping others LIVE the life he knows they can live!

Those are just a few of my thoughts—from the third row.  Enjoy my video.  Check out the picture of my GymValet booth colleague, Jennifer Schupak, and me with Richard.  And, once again, thanks Club Industry for letting the court jester (as he calls himself) of fitness entertain, inspire, and motivate us!

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