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GymValet on The Biggest Loser…Again & Again!

GymValet watch:  Multiple sightings on recent episodes!

I am glad to see that a Woodway Curve treadmill is now a workout option in the gym on The Biggest Loser campus.  I am thrilled, with a few reservations, that a GymValet is prominently affixed to the Curve.  Can you imagine what it feels like for me to be sitting in my den watching a Biggest Loser episode, and there on the screen over and over is something I invented–the GymValet.   And, to top it off, one of the contestants using the treadmill is none other than Olympic Greco Roman Wrestling Gold Medalist Rulon Gardner (image above).  WOW!!  Take it from me, it’s AWESOME…with a bit of disappointment.

What is my disappointment?   While the GymValet is prominently displayed, it is not being used.  No water bottle inside, no spray bottle inside, no towel hanging on the side!  The GymValet is being treated as a non-functional treadmill ornament.  Memo to Bob, Jillian, Brett and Cara…get your trainee’s water bottles off the floor and put them in the GymValet, at least while they’re using the Curve.  And, if you really care (this applies to anyone associated with the show), put a disinfectant spray bottle in the GymValet and hang a towel from the hook–and use it to wipe down the treadmill, or any nearby piece of equipment, after use! 

I know dripping sweat sells, and draws ratings, but dripping sweat also stinks and can be the source of germ and virus transmission.  It wouldn’t be cool to have a Biggest Loser contestant come down with a Staph. infection or a seasonal flu!  Frankly speaking, as much as this season’s contestants are boxing, wrestling and crawling, they are bound to pick up skin nicks, scrapes and scratches–all prime sites for infection-invasion.  A little reactive equipment sanitizing would go a long way to making the Biggest Loser gym a safer place (and less smelly) to work out.  

Keep watching The Biggest Loser, and know that every time a Woodway Curve and the attached GymValet come into view, there is a very proud inventor smiling in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

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