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12,000 Days Days in a Row…and Counting!

Dr. Bruce’s Consecutive Day Running Streak Passes Another Round Number.

I run every day.  I have run every day for a long time.  To be exact, I have run every day for almost 33 years–since May 16, 1978.  Along the way, I have always enjoyed celebrating round number and/or milestone  “anniversaries.”

Last Wednesday, I celebrated one of those round number anniversaries: 12,000 days in a row!  That equates out to 32 years, 10 months, and 8 days (eight leap days are included in the total).  I wore my Garmin 305 GPS for the big occasion, so I would know exactly when the run was official–for me 3.00 continuous miles makes a run official.  When I hit 3.00…I smiled (outwardly and to myself) and then carried on to finish my run and get on with my day.  Simple as that. 

[To honor day 12,000, I decided to attach a picture from the archives:  That’s me finishing the Cherry Blossom Race (10 miles) in Washington, D.C.–March 1980!  A golden moment in my running career: 54:29 (5:26.9 per mile), 113th place overall, my fastest 10 miler, ever.]       

I try not to make a big deal out of my anniversary days; I do, however, like to take pause to have a little personal celebration.  The 12,000 day celebration was a quick toast–a cold beer in a chilled glass–with my wife Debra, before dinner. 

So, as far as landmarks go, the next one up will be 33 years on May 15th.  Then, I must admit I am looking forward to the next one on September 14, 2011:  33 years, 122 days, or one-third of a century! 

See you on the roads!



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  • Monica Jo Nicholson March 29, 2011, 1:21 pm

    Great job Dr. Bruce! That is very inspiring! My name is Monica, I met you at the IHRSA Convention. I was on one of the teams competing in the Treadmill 100k!! Our team took 2nd to the awesome Utah Team!! 🙂 So anyhow, congrats on your milestone! And keep it up!!

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