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In Memory: Kurt Frankel, Ph.D.

What started over 18 years ago as a coach-athlete relationship, and over the past 15 years blossomed in to a friendship, “fanship,” and mutual admiration society ended tragically last Saturday morning (July 2, 2011) on a highway in Florida. Dr. Kurt Frankel, age 33, passed away as the result of a bicycle accident. Anyone who ever had the chance to meet Kurt was better for it. This is a heartbreaking loss, especially for his wife Stephanie, and his family.

A short while ago as I was looking through the GymValet website, I noticed that Kurt was in four pictures that are on the site. The images were taken at a photo shoot in late-December, 2005. Kurt was a strapping, healthy young man; a perfect model.

Those pictures now have an all new meaning for me. They will forever be a living memorial to my
friend Kurt. The two images at the top of this post are obvious—that’s Kurt pumping iron. The other two images, at the bottom of the post are a bit more subtle, but definitely Kurt.

Rest in peace!

Picture #1: That’s Kurt on the far right.
Picture #2: That’s Kurt with his right hand on his hip.

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  • Aitor August 3, 2011, 5:23 pm

    Great commentary for a great person, thank you Kurt.

  • Dr. Bruce August 3, 2011, 5:36 pm

    Aitor: Thanks for your response. Nice to hear from you after all these years; unfortunately under these sad circumstances.
    Coach Sherman