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Good Greens Bars: Delicious and Nutritious!

Good  Greens bars — a “hit” with fitness industry professionals at the 2011 Athletic Business Conference and Expo!

I’m sold on Good Greens bars as being the most tasty and nutritious energy bar on the market.  So, I thought I’d put the bars to the test at last week’s Athletic Business Show, in Orlando, FL.

It didn’t take long…0ne bite, and the word, “Delicious” (or a synonym of the word delicious) seemed to come out of everyone’s mouth!  At a fitness industry trade show, attendees are exposed to a myriad of nutrition products–especially nutrition bars.  Fitness professionals are a very discriminating bunch; they have their self-interest (they consume a lot of bars) and their business-interest (they both recommend bars to their members/clients, and frequently sell bars in their facility’s nutrition area)  at stake. For the Good Greens bar to pass their rigorous testing says something very positive about the product.

Don’t take my word for it.  Check out this testimonial–it speaks volumes.

Keep an eye out.  I expect to be selling Good Greens bars, and other interesting products from the Good Greens product-line in the very near future through the GymValet web site.  Then, you will only be a few clicks away from having the best tasting bar in the business for your professional and personal use!

Stay tuned!

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