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Ball Bike Makes IHRSA Show Debut.

Recumbent-style cycling with a twist!

Ball Bike has upped the ante on recumbent cycling.  Lay-back “sit-cycling” must now take a back seat to the new kid on the block–the Ball Bike.  Oops…Ball Bike doesn’t even have a seat; you sit on a stability ball!  Then again, how much stability is there on a semi-bouncy ball?  That’s the point!!

Ball Bike forces you to engage and work out your core while pedal away.  But, the workout doesn’t stop there.  Ball Bike is equipped with variable resistance bands that can give you a great upper body workout, while you pedal your way to a great cardio. workout, while you hang on for dear life with your engaged core on the (intentionally not so stable) stability ball.

Check out the Ball Bike video on this post.  Let me know what you think about the Ball Bike concept.  And, how convenient, the GymValet attaches directly to the Ball Bike.  Not only will you get a great work out, but you will be doing it on a clean and safe piece of equipment.

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