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Ode to the GymValet – Long Live the King of the Holders!

…but not too long!

I always appreciate the opportunity to check-in on facilities that have and use the GymValet–that’s good customer service!!  When I’m on site, I go around to each GymValet, give them a little “tug” and, if necessary, fine tune the attachment to return the GymValet to its original upright and rock-solid placement.  NOTE: As part of a good GymValet preventive maintenance program, facility owners/managers should regularly go around and check each GymValet for proper attachment–GymValet to the machine and hook ring to the GymValet.

Every once in a while I get to check up on some of the oldest GymValets  in existence.   Recently I had that opportunity when I visited the Akron General Medical Center (AGMC) (Stow, OH) and SUMA Health (Hudson, OH) fitness facilities.  The Akron General and SUMA centers are “medically based health and wellness facilities.”  Akron General is “led” by Doug Ribley–VP of Health and Wellness Services–who is also a regular presenter at the Medical Fitness Association (MFA) annual meetings.  GymValet’s association with the Akron General Medical Center and the MFA began, basically, on “Day 1” of the GymValet business, in January, 2006.   Here you go…a few pictures and a video of some of the first GymValets ever sold.  Note the tone of “nostalgic excitement” in my voice (in the video)!

GymValet on Life Fitness equipment at AGMC (Left) and SUMA (right)

While both the AGMC and SUMA facilities have added to their GymValet totals over the years–by expansion of facilities and “increased density” of GymValet placement, it’s always fun to see some of the originals.  The take away here is:

1) GymValets are built to last–a great investment.  Treat them right, and they will keep on giving–clean equipment, and satisfied and safe members–for years.

2) If the GymValet and the GymValet Equipment Cleaning System is the equipment cleaning system of choice for nationally recognized medical fitness based (MFA) fitness facilities, anyone/everyone should give serious consideration to adding/incorporating the GymValet system into their facility.

So, thanks for sharing my trip down memory lane.  Thanks for your continued support of the GymValet.

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