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Good Greens Bars Revisited – Remarkable!!

New Pumpkin Spice Bar Added to Stellar Line-Up.

Last year at about this time I introduced you to a new line of nutrition bars–Good Greens Bars.  With another year under their belt, Good Greens continues to amaze and impress with their delicious, high-quality and VERY reasonably priced bar-line.

When was the last time you consumed a bar and were sad and reluctant to take that last bite–because that bite represented the end of a delicious taste bud stimulating nutrition break. Call me a bar-geek, but that’s what I feel every time I come to the end of a Good Greens bar.  New on the market from Good Greens is the Pumpkin Spice bar. WOW!! It’s delicious!!! A burst of pumpkin-spice flavor with the added bonus of a soy Greek yogurt coating makes the bar taste somewhat akin to  “pumpkin cheesecake.”

Not a pumpkin fan…I’m sure there are a few of you out there.  Never fear, Good Greens bars cover the gamut of the flavor spectrum.  Let me give a shout out to another new flavor: Blueberry Bliss – with heavy emphasis on the “bliss.”  Enough said!!

While the flavor explosion of Good Greens bars may be over in a few seconds to a few minutes (for those masters of self-control who like to savor their bars), the benefits are long-lasting. By long lasting I mean that the bars are very satiating! While you may lament the end of the savory mouth-feel and taste bud event, given a short while for the bar to digest, you will feel full and satisfied from consuming a Good Greens bar. It is nice to be able to get on to your next event (or events) without your tummy (still) calling to you to “feed it.” No need to revisit the chock-full-of-nutrients aspects of the Good Greens nutrition bar line, I believe the full-feeling benefit comes from the nutrient (caloric) balance that is the hallmark of Good Greens bars–approximately 48% Carbohydrate, 33% Fat, and 19% Protein.

As you can see, I am pretty passionate about these bars and what they can offer as a nutrition break/boost to active individuals.  Great taste, “smooth” mouth feel, and highly researched and thoughtful nutrition content–all at a (as mentioned before) a great price.  Unfortunately, unless you live in Northeast Ohio, you can only read about, and drool over, the the thought of sinking your teeth into Good Greens bars.

But not for long…within the next few weeks, you will be able to purchase Good Greens bars through my GymValet web site, www.gymvalet.com.  I look forward to offering Good Greens bars both to individual consumers and every fitness club and facility that offers nutrition bars.

Finally, if you will be attending the upcoming Athletic Business Conference, in New Orleans, stop by my GymValet booth–#326.  I’ll have samples of Good Greens bars.  See and taste for yourself  how GOOD a nutrition bar can be!!

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