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GymValet Reappears on The Bigget Loser!

On the Woodway Curve In Dolvett’s Dungeon!

Once again, there I was on my couch, doing my professional “homework” watching the new season of  The Biggest Loser, and there it was–GymValet!!  This time it was on a Woodway Curve treadmill in Dolvett’s Dungeon; some dungeon–blue skies and a beautiful view of Southern California greenery.  Do you see it in the image to the left?  It’s right below the tire on the right frame-rail of the Curve.

OK, so it doesn’t have a sanitizing spray bottle in it, or a towel hanging off the hook for that matter.  But, seeing a GymValet on a smash-hit reality show series makes me very proud and happy.  The good news was that I had recorded the show on our DVR, so, once I summoned my wife to join me in the den, we were able to watch the GymValet’s appearance over and over.  That made me happy!!

What didn’t make me happy was the fact that the GymValet wasn’t loaded with the sanitizing accoutrements!!  Over the course of the first two episodes of The Biggest Loser we have watched almost every contestant sweat, barf and hang/drape over virtually every piece of equipment that they touch.  That’s a lot of body and body fluid contact/spillage in a “community” use gym.  Never do the viewers see any evidence of cleaning/sanitizing supplies being available in The Biggest Loser Gym–let alone being used.  That’s both disgusting and dangerous!!  How much illness is spread among the contestants by using shared, unclean equipment.  We’re never told, so we’ll never know.

So, I’ll keep watching–the show in general, and for GymValet sightings.  Maybe one day we’ll see a GymValet put to it’s intended use–for the health and safety benefit of the contestants.  Be sure, if that happens, you’ll see that image posted on DrBruceSays.com, probably along with an image of me smiling from ear to ear!!

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