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My Concesutive Day Running Streak Reaches 36 Years!

36 Years; 13,149; Double “Chai.”  See Why the “Numerology of the Day” Makes Today’s Anniversary Run so Special!

May 15, 2014: Running streak day number 13,149 is in the books. Thirty six years–today! For me, today’s run took on very special meaning–due to the “numerology” of the day. In Hebrew and Judaism, the word “Chai,” meaning “Life,” is associated with the number 18, as the numeric value of the letters that make up the word Chai, “Het” (8) and “Yud” (10) in the Hebrew alphabet add up to 18. Check out how Chai/Life, and the number 18, runs throughout my anniversary numbers:

36 Years = Double Chai

13,149 Consecutive Days: 1 + 3 + 1 + 4 + 9 = 18

36 Years: 3 X 6 = 18

36 Years = 1878 weeks

36 Years = 18,934,560 minutes

My streak started in 1978: The number 18 serves as the bookends of the year.

[Thank you: http://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html for help with and validation of the numbers!]

For me, today—the 36th anniversary of my running streak—is “Double Life” Day! I dedicate this special run to the most important people in my life, my family. I run for you, and with you in my heart: 1) My father Bernard B. Sherman who passed away 44 years ago. He never saw me run a step. My father would have been so proud. 2) My mother Ruth Sherman who passed away 19 years ago. She cheered me on at the finish line of many of my races—many overall victories! 3) My Sister Linda Sherman-November who passed away on January 10, 2014, after fighting a valiant 18 month battle vs. cancer. Linda fought for her “life” until the very last moment; an amazing profile in courage. 4) My wife, and the light of my life, Debra Light. For over 21 years Debra has been a proud supporter of my running and my running streak. And, today happens to be the two year anniversary of Debra’s getting blindsided (as a pedestrian in the middle of a crosswalk) by a distracted/texting driver. She survived the accident, and today she thrives (a second lease on life)!

Looking forward to many more years of good health, good running and good “Life!”

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