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GymValets Close to Home @ MIM Software

MIM Opens On-Site Fitness Center.  GymValets Will Keep Equipment Clean and Safe.

While GymValets are helping to keep fitness equipment clean and safe across the US, Canada and around the world, it’s always a treat when I get a call from a facility that’s close to home, or GymValet World Headquarters as I like to call it.  So, I was thrilled to get a call from Drew Sulzer who was putting the finishing touches on the Employee Fitness/Wellness Center at MIM Software, Inc., in Beachwood, OH,  less than 1.5 miles from “home-base,” that now makes MIM GymValet’s closest customer!  Drew has assembled a great assortment of strength and cardio equipment in a bright, “pie-shaped” area of the office complex–well done!  A Google search had led Drew to the GymValet web site, as he looked for equipment cleaning/sanitizing supplies and accessories–the most-important “finishing touches.” Wasn’t he surprised when he discovered that GymValet was right around the corner!  With MIM’s GymValet system hand delivered and installed, the Fitness Center was ready to open at Noon yesterday (Feb. 15th).  As you’ll note, MIM has decided to use paper towels instead of cloth towels.  Smart/practical decision since there are no laundry facilities on site.  GymValets positioned throughout the gym will make it more convenient and effective for MIM’s exercisers to clean the equipment, before and/or after use, by having the sanitizing solution closer to the equipment.  In addition, that makes it easier and more practical to re-use a piece of paper towel by refreshing it with sanitizing solution because the GymValets place the solution “right at hand” convenient to every piece of equipment.

Proud to share a few pictures of Drew with MIM’s great new equipment, with GymValet poised and ready to go to work!

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