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Germ Filled Gym? Problem Solved!

GymValet is proud to be featured in the 2018 Problem Solver edition of Recreation Management magazine.  In the magazine, GymValet provides advice to fitness facility managers and owners who may face a common issue: ineffective cleaning systems that lead to germ-filled gyms. Many of these facilities have inconvenient “cleaning stations” that result in low member compliance when it comes to cleaning. Luckily, there is a simple solution. GymValet provides convenient and effective cleaning; cleaning supplies right on the equipment. If that doesn’t scream “problem solved”, I don’t know what does!

In the article, we discuss how gym cleanliness is often swept under the rug and not prioritized by facility managers/owners. “Keeping your fitness facility clean, especially your fitness equipment, might not be the first thing you think about when considering ways to attract and retain members, but cleanliness is a key driver of the way your gym is perceived. Equipment cleanliness isn’t something you should worry about once in a while, but should be part of your staff’s ongoing daily cleaning regimen.” So how do we make easy, regular cleaning a priority and a reality?

The solution is right at hand with GymValet. It’s all about convenience.  “The key to getting members to clean up after themselves is to make it simple and convenient. Position equipment cleaning supplies to be readily available—within arm’s reach of every piece of equipment.” This is why we made GymValet universally and easily attachable to almost every kind of gym equipment.

But what about cost? The answer is simple. “Combinations of spray bottles and paper towels as well as containers of disposable pre-moistened wipes are popular options, but they are very costly and create a great deal of waste. Providing sanitizing spray bottles and reusable towels generates far less waste and permits members to clean and sanitize at a much lower cost than other options.”

Sounds like a no-brainer! This germ-filled gym problem is solved with GymValet. If you have more questions about how GymValet can help improve the quality of your gym, contact us at 866-435-2009 OR 216-378-4298 (if outside the US).

40 Years of Running EVERY DAY!

I am so thrilled to share with you a great personal milestone I am about to reach. On May 15, 2018, I will mark 40 years of my running streak.

I have run at least three miles every single day for the last 40 years!

That will mean 14,600 days of consecutive running or 2,100 weeks of running every day without fail!

How many miles can you cover in 40 years of running? 100,000 miles on foot, which is a total of 4 times around the world! This is one of the longest running streaks in the world and I have no intention of slowing down! I am currently #19 on the USA’s list of longest running streaks.

I started my running streak when I was 23. Commitment to a 40-year running streak takes dedication, focus, and just starting small and growing from there. This dedication and passion I have for this personal commitment is a great representation of how I also feel about the GymValet cleaning system that I have developed. 

The Cleveland Jewish News recently posted an article that captures my story quite nicely.

I am so excited to celebrate my 40-year running streak on May 15 and to celebrate many more years of the streak to come!

Thanks for your support and good wishes as I accomplish this personal fitness milestone.

Wiping Away Towel Myths

As I speak with fitness industry professionals around the country, and around the world, I am frequently asked about towels that are used to sanitize fitness equipment.  Or to be more specific:

“Doesn’t a towel that gets used repeatedly to wipe away sweat become germ-laden from all that sweat?”

Actually, the opposite is true. A spray bottle and towel equipment cleaning system proves to be a very effective method for sanitizing just-used exercise equipment surfaces.  Why?  Because the towels are progressively absorbing sanitizing cleaning solution.  In other words, they are continuously refreshed with the disinfectant.  Therefore, there is a concentrated/significant amount of disinfectant that remains on the towel at all times. The reusable spray-towel, when not in use, is sanitized; it is at “work” even while the towel is “at rest.”

Another important point to consider and understand is that per use, the volume of cleaning solution that is sprayed on the surface to be cleaned, or sprayed on the towel prior to wiping the surface, is generally much greater than the volume of body fluids that are wiped up.  The ratio of the volume of disinfectant on the towel to the volume to sweat is generally in favor of the disinfectant!

Still need convincing? Then consider a little sweat science:

  • In a fitness facility setting, equipment surfaces are NEVER exposed to full sweat-laden nude body surface contact (at least now at any club I’ve ever been to).   An exerciser stands on, sits on, or lies on a machine with a relatively small portion of their total body surface area actually contacting that machine.  However, the major point that can’t be overlooked here is…it doesn’t take much contact (sweaty or not, drops or not) to spread germs or viruses.  The good news, on the other hand, is that it doesn’t take much disinfectant solution to effectively kill germs and viruses!

  • Speaking of drops, excessive sweat at any one spot on the body can turn into a “drop.”  What is the volume of a drop?  It is generally accepted that 20 drops equal 1 ml.  Interestingly, the average amount of cleaning solution dispensed with one pull of a trigger-sprayer is approximately 1 mL. The average person pulls the trigger 3 to 4 times to clean a piece of equipment. That’s the equivalent of 60 to 80 drops of sweat – a lot of sweat!

Hopefully you now see the reasons why we say a towel based cleaning system is a safe and effective way to go: 1) The cleaning solution to sweat ratio is strongly in favor of the solution, 2) the cleaning towel is truly clean and safe to reuse—a very effective method for sanitizing just-used exercise equipment surfaces, and 3) a cloth towel-based equipment cleaning system can save you a lot of money versus pre-moistened wipes and paper towel based systems…and don’t forget, you won’t be generating environment polluting paper and wipes waste, either!

GymValet Appears in Oscar Winning Film!

Plays supporting role in The Big Short.

When The Big Short won the Oscar, on Sunday night, for Best Writing Adapted Screenplay, I celebrated, too, because the GymValet can be seen attached to two Woodway Curve treadmills for almost one minute (in the 56th and 57th minutes of the movie) in the “gym scene” with Ryan Gosling talking on his phone.  Can you imagine my surprise when I saw the movie in the theater and the GymValet appeared on the “Big Screen?”  Very excited and very proud!!

GymValet Spreads Wings in Planet Fitness Universe

GymValet Equipment Cleaning System in place at grand opening of new Planet Fitness in Mentor, Ohio.

While GymValets are helping to keep exercise equipment clean and safe in fitness facilities across the US, Canada and around the world, it is always fun to actually see GymValets in action at local gyms.  This week I had the opportunity to visit the newest Planet Fitness in the Greater Cleveland area, during their grand opening ceremonies.  Planet Fitness was buzzing with both  local “luminaries” and, most importantly, hundreds of new members  who were generating a lot of human energy pumping-out their cardio and strength workouts.  And there, at the ready, strategically placed all over the gym floor were over 100 GymValets–placing the sanitizing spray bottles and wiping towels conveniently right at hand, within arm’s reach or a step or two, to every piece of equipment!  With vigorous exercise comes “vigorous” sweat and a lot of body contact with machine surfaces!  I was very impressed to see how naturally and easily the members wiped off and sanitized their just-used equipment, making it clean and safe for use by the next exerciser.  A beautiful marriage of the convenient access, to equipment cleaning supplies, the GymValet holder provides, and pride and respect Planet Fitness members have for their fellow members and their beautiful club.

Dr. Bruce Addresses “Budding” Entrepreneurs at Kent State University

I recently had thee opportunity to present the GymValet story to the Craig Zamary’s Speaker Series class, in the Kent State University College of Business Administration.  As a proud graduate of KSU (M.A. 1983, and Ph.D. 1987) it was my honor to pay my entrepreneurial experience forward–especially since the KSU Rec. Center is a GymValet customer.  The title of my presentation was, “My Entrepreneurial Journey.”  Speaker Series is a class offered to Entrepreneurial Studies majors so they can hear real-life entrepreneurial stories form members of the Northern Ohio business community–what could be more real life than hearing the story of a product they see and use every time thy visit the Rec. Center.  However, Speaker Series lectures are not just limited to students enrolled in the class.  Series talks are open to the entire KSU community as evidenced by the promotional screen that advertised my presentation campus wide on the day of my talk.

Billy Blanks Leads Tae Bo at IHRSA 2015

Tae Bo lesson From the Master

At the 2015 IHRSA Show my GymValet booth was only 10 feet away from a Group Ex demo. area.  Therefore, I was lucky enough to both be on duty and watch Billy Blanks, Mr. Tae Bo, in action.  Billy hit the fitness industry with a significant “upper cut” in 1998 with the release of his first Tae Bo workout video–remember when Tae Bo was all the rage–with those knock-out infomercials?  Today, 17 years later, Billy hasn’t lost a step and can really draw a crowd–and for good reason!  His Tae Bo workouts are easy to follow–albeit very “invigorating” to do, his cueing is good, and he’s there to teach, not to get his own workout!  His “on-stage” personality is electric!  Couldn’t resist getting some video of Billy leading the way.  I loved when he got I the face of the participants and challenged them to move bigger and better!  That’s great teahing.  Enjoy the video and, if you are so moved, step back from your computer and bust a few moves with Billy!!  Extra bonus…I had the chance to chat with Billy after the workout and get a picture.  Fun to rub shoulders with “fitness industry history!”

Dr. Bruce Makes Worldwide AP Photo Newswire!

A beautiful day for running – February 2, 2015?  I thought it was, and so did a photographer for the Associated Press as he drove by me soon after I started my run.  What was an AP photographer doing driving in my quaint Shaker Heights neighborhood on a Tuesday morning?  The obvious answer is looking for “cool” snow scenes on a cold (9 degrees above zero) snowy morning.  Cool scene – Yes!  Some dude running in shorts in the cool scene – Bingo!!  When the gentleman taking pictures through a long telephoto lens identified himself as an AP photographer I thought that was pretty “cool.”  One minute of information exchange, and 24 hours later, this image appeared world-wide on a myriad of online news sites.  Right place, right time, good photographer, enjoyable run (after the photo-op)…great day.

Disgusting, Sweat-Soaked Equipment!

If equipment could talk, this piece would be screaming, “Clean Me”!

This picture shows an example of why I invented the GymValet.  As I walked in to MY health club (no names, please) last evening, I passed by a piece from the Hoist Rocket series.  There, dripping down the head pad was someones sweaty, greasy calling card.  DISGUSTING!!  So disgusting that I had to stop and take a picture of icky mess.

Shame on the person who left the machine in that condition.  However, shame, shame on on the club for not providing and easy and convenient way for “sweaty- head” to clean and sanitize the machine immediately after using it.  Believe it or not (even Mr. Ripley wouldn’t believe this one) the closest sanitizing station the piece of equipment in question is about 100 feet away!!

No comment on why MY club doesn’t have GymValets, or at least position equipment cleaning/sanitizing supplies “right at hand” for its members to use.  I will comment that it is a shame that a MAJOR club (chain) is so negligent and oblivious to the health and safety risks posed by body fluid stained/soaked equipment.  Ever hear of MRSA and Influenza?  Do you have any idea how germs and viruses are transmitted in the health and fitness club setting?  Well, the “ignition” to transmission can be as simple as a disgusting sweat-spot on a piece of equipment!

Wake up, “major” club!  Clean up your act.

“GymValet vs. Disposable Wipes”

Two-Page Article in Summer 2014 Edition of National Fitness Trade Journal

GymValet hit the “fitness news stands” this month with a 2-page article in the Summer 2014 edition of the National Fitness Trade Journal. The article, GymValet vs. Disposable Wipes,” guides fitness facility owners and managers through a comparison of the: 1) costs, 2) effectiveness and convenience, and 3) environmental impact of the two most popular methods of fitness equipment cleaning and sanitizing. Many thanks to Wally Boyko, editor and publisher of the NFTJ for giving me the opportunity to educate and enlighten fitness industry professionals on this very important topic. To check out my article, and learn more about the topic of fitness equipment cleanliness (nobody likes icky, smelly, sweaty equipment!) click on the link below and scroll forward to pages 30 & 31.


My Concesutive Day Running Streak Reaches 36 Years!

36 Years; 13,149; Double “Chai.”  See Why the “Numerology of the Day” Makes Today’s Anniversary Run so Special!

May 15, 2014: Running streak day number 13,149 is in the books. Thirty six years–today! For me, today’s run took on very special meaning–due to the “numerology” of the day. In Hebrew and Judaism, the word “Chai,” meaning “Life,” is associated with the number 18, as the numeric value of the letters that make up the word Chai, “Het” (8) and “Yud” (10) in the Hebrew alphabet add up to 18. Check out how Chai/Life, and the number 18, runs throughout my anniversary numbers:

36 Years = Double Chai

13,149 Consecutive Days: 1 + 3 + 1 + 4 + 9 = 18

36 Years: 3 X 6 = 18

36 Years = 1878 weeks

36 Years = 18,934,560 minutes

My streak started in 1978: The number 18 serves as the bookends of the year.

[Thank you: http://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html for help with and validation of the numbers!]

For me, today—the 36th anniversary of my running streak—is “Double Life” Day! I dedicate this special run to the most important people in my life, my family. I run for you, and with you in my heart: 1) My father Bernard B. Sherman who passed away 44 years ago. He never saw me run a step. My father would have been so proud. 2) My mother Ruth Sherman who passed away 19 years ago. She cheered me on at the finish line of many of my races—many overall victories! 3) My Sister Linda Sherman-November who passed away on January 10, 2014, after fighting a valiant 18 month battle vs. cancer. Linda fought for her “life” until the very last moment; an amazing profile in courage. 4) My wife, and the light of my life, Debra Light. For over 21 years Debra has been a proud supporter of my running and my running streak. And, today happens to be the two year anniversary of Debra’s getting blindsided (as a pedestrian in the middle of a crosswalk) by a distracted/texting driver. She survived the accident, and today she thrives (a second lease on life)!

Looking forward to many more years of good health, good running and good “Life!”

IHRSA 2014: Eye-Catching Group Exercise

See what group exercise demonstrations caught my eye–functional to quirky, and everything in-between.

As you walk the IHRSA trade show floor you can’t help being drawn towards and attracted to the myriad of group exercise demonstrations that go on/cycle throughout the trade show day.  Sometimes the attraction is auditory through the use of upbeat, pounding, toe tapping music (see Zumba), and sometimes it is “visual,” via unique movements or the use of interesting training apparatus (see Antigravity).  And, sometimes it’s both (see Piloxing)!

My video shows you a summary of MY eye (and ear) catchers.  Below, are a few comments (and a few criticisms) on some of the group ex. demos (and the associated equipment) that you’ll see:

1) Piloxing:  Gets my vote for the quirkiest group ex. at the Show!  Who envisions “flowing” between pilates, boxing and dance in the same workout?  Whoever it was, the combination is uniquely creative!!  So, is Piloxing a “trend?”  In my opinion, not yet.  The Piloxing web site does list a significant number of certified instructors, nationwide, but I’ve never see it “in action” in the club setting.  I shared my observations about the IHRSA Show with a British customer of mine, and I couldn’t help mentioning, and describing, Piloxing.  I love his truly British response to my description: “It’s like mixing Guinness and tomato soup.”  To me, Piloxing is still a spectator sport; pull up a chair, get a cold beverage, and watch the ladies pirouette and uppercut.  Good luck to Piloxing, and stay tuned…

2) Zumba: I’ve always been a fan of the energy, electricity and excitement that Zumba generates.  And, I’ve been impressed by the legions of people who pack into Zumba classes and Zumbathons and the smooth moves of Zumba instructors!  However, I’ve never been a fan of the technical deficiencies of Zumba instruction/instructors–there is a significant lack of effective movement change cues.  As you can see in the video, Zumba movements can be quite complex.  Without proper, and properly timed, cuing participants spin their wheels in neutral until they figure out the next movement sequence.   Movement/exercise time is lost, and it can get quite frustrating to always be a few “moves” behind the instructor.  Memo to Zumba instructors–you are there to teach, not perform.  Improve your cuing–both verbal and nonverbal.

3) Fluidity Fitness: I’ve been watching Michelle Austin’s Fluidity infomercials for years, and I’ve seen Fluidity’s spots on the Home Shopping Network.  Up until now, the Fluidity barre workout/apparatus has been geared toward the at-home exerciser.  It was nice to see, at the IHRSA Show, Fluidity’s entry into the commercial sector.  Their dual Fluidity-bar apparatus is very sturdy–yetmquite collapsible for easy out-of-the-way storage in multi-use group exercise rooms.  Group barre classes have become quite popular–my wife takes one every Saturday.  Welcome to “this” side of the industry, Michelle.

4) Antigravity–Suspension Fitness and Aerial Yoga:  Quite beautiful and entertaining to watch.  Looks like a Cirque du Soleil training class.  My one question regarding Antigravity training is…how and how often are the sheets cleaned?

5) Pole Dance Fitness: The woman doing the demonstration makes the activity look so easy!  I think a pole class would be great total-body training for many things!

6) Pavigym:  The Energy+ functional training station flooring was designed to maximize member touch in minimal space.  And, the flooring can go “vertical” with the interactive wall.  This product was designed with the idea of tapping into the popularity of High Intensity Inteval Training (HIIT)–the #1 fitness trend of 2014–and turning it into an organized group exercise activity.  I like the concept, but I’m wondering how many facilities will capitalize on this trend with their own homemade version of functional training station flooring with tape marks and paint (on their existing floor).   Homemade may not be as sleek, but it could be quite effective and a lot cheaper!

Please feel free to comment on my comments, and/or add your own.  And, if you were at the IHRSA Show, what caught YOUR eye?

IHRSA 2014: Eye-Catching Equipment

See the equipment and equipment trends that caught my attention, and had me scratching my head in some cases.

As I walked the trade show floor at last week’s IHRSA Show, I was not so much interested in seeing the latest and greatest in treadmills and ellipticals, etc.  Instead, I was interested in seeing the “other side” of equipment–equipment that addressed some of the newer(est) trends in the industry, such as HIIT and functional training, as well as some that had me saying…”You’ve got to be kidding.”  This video shows a variety of equipment that caught my eye enough to capture it on video.  You’ll hear some of my on-the-spot impressions/comments on the video, and below, I’ve expanded on my observations with a few more details about the products/companies that made the  equipment:

1) Escape Fitness’ (a UK based company)  80Kg (176 lbs.) TIYR: Heavy and round like a real truck tire, but (is advertised as being) cleaner than a real tire and has the addition of nylon handles for better flipping.  The outer covering probably prohibits the sledge hammer whacking exercise that many people do.  Good looking functional piece of equipment!

2) Startrac’s Box Master: Can’t beat boxing moves for a great upper body workout.  Add some “float like a butterflies” and “Ali shuffles,” and you have a great lower body workout, too.  Add roller skates, and you earn Dr. Bruce’s “you’ve got to be kidding” award.

3) Hoist’s Movement Cage: I think my commentary on the video is self explanatory.  This is a good looking, multi-functional piece of equipment!  For many facilities the question of to buy or not to buy will probably come down to space.  Functional training cages take up a lot of space.

4) Speaking of taking up space…Movestrong’s cage is huge.  Multi-functional, but very large.  Is it worth it (to a club) to devote so much space to one piece of equipment–realizing that “one piece” may represent/offer 10+ exercises?

5) Escape Fitness’ Octagon: Taking advantage of the cage craze and the MMA/boxing trend, this piece offers several exercises/movements that are somewhat different that those that can be performed on/in the Hoist and Movestrong cages.

6) Stairmaster’s Treadclimber:  I know this is almost a treadmill, and almost a stair climber, but that’s the curiosity.  That’s a pretty bold claim that they have on the back of the Treadclimber.  Anybody…direct me to the objective science/research that backs up their claims!!

7) Saving the most curious head-scratcher for last…Vacu Activ’s Roll Shaper:  Reshape your body with the no frills (futuristic looking) basic model–it just rolls you into a more contoured and shapely physique, or get the souped-up mode that offers infrared heating and chromotherapy (colored light) therapy to make the rolling therapy more effective.  Once again…an open-ended offer to show me the objective science research.

I hope you enjoy this look at the IHRSA Show.  Remember, this is what caught my eye and elicited the opinions that you hear on the video, and read in my writings above.  If you were at the show, I’d love to hear your observations and opinions on your eye catchers.

Kennedy Close-Up

I’m 58 years old.  So, yes, I do remember:

Fifty years ago today, as I sat in my third grade classroom–it was a cold and gloomy Friday–when Bob the (school’s) janitor came into the room announcing that the President had been shot and killed.  I can’t quite recall the immediate reaction of my classmates, teacher, and family (for that matter); it was shocking, stunning and confusing, all at the same time–especially for a third grader.  I do remember the ensuing days, when all of the television networks covered the President’s assassination all-day long–we watched as much as we could on our black and white televisions.   That’s my memory…

Now, let me jump ahead 13 years–moving from the somber to the “unique.”  I was on a spring break trip to Jamaica with five other guys from Miami University. 

We were on the beach in Negril–NOTE: at that time Negril was primitive and secluded to say the least; not the resort-filled tourist magnet that it is today–when a posse of people strolled on to “our” beach asking us if they could join us in our volleyball game.  Who were we to say “No,” especially when among the group were Jackie Kennedy Onassis, her son John, Jr., and Peter Duchin (famed pianist and band leader).  There were “players” and there were “spectators.”    Obviously, this was a better time  for all…and a lot of fun, too!  And I had a camera!!

So as we mark the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, it is with great pride that I post two pictures I’ve cherished for the past 37 years.  My documentation of our brush with “Camelot.”  What makes the pictures more special is the fact that  I developed the film and printed the images myself.

2013 Flu Epidemic: Are Health Clubs Responding??

“Flu reaches epidemic level in U.S., says CDC”

Just a quick post of  concern regarding the epidemic levels of seasonal flu that are being reported on and through most every news outlet every day.  Seasonal flu outbreaks are quite normal this time of year–affecting many people in almost every state in the US–but the reports state that the number of reported cases is significantly up this year.  The good news is that we are supposed to be about half-way through the flu season; the bad news is that we still have about half of the season (another six weeks or so) to go.

No need to speculate on the cause.  Flu happens!  But, from my viewpoint I just wanted to reinforce the need for fitness facilities–across the US–to make every effort to protect the health and safety of their most precious and valuable commodity–their members!!

From a professional and personal level, I can’t stress enough the need for health and fitness facilities to present to their members the cleanest and safest workout environments possible.  Regular and thorough cleaning and sanitizing of body contact surfaces  is vital: Exercisers do not go to the gym to get sick; they go to get healthy.  But, if cardio. and strength machines, mats, group exercise bikes, etc. are not thoroughly and regularly sanitized–during this most “fragile” and potentially deadly (no need to quote the number of people who die from the flu each year) time period–the potential to pick up an unwanted virus/illness at the gym is significantly increased. (more…)

GymValet Reappears on The Bigget Loser!

On the Woodway Curve In Dolvett’s Dungeon!

Once again, there I was on my couch, doing my professional “homework” watching the new season of  The Biggest Loser, and there it was–GymValet!!  This time it was on a Woodway Curve treadmill in Dolvett’s Dungeon; some dungeon–blue skies and a beautiful view of Southern California greenery.  Do you see it in the image to the left?  It’s right below the tire on the right frame-rail of the Curve.

OK, so it doesn’t have a sanitizing spray bottle in it, or a towel hanging off the hook for that matter.  But, seeing a GymValet on a smash-hit reality show series makes me very proud and happy.  The good news was that I had recorded the show on our DVR, so, once I summoned my wife to join me in the den, we were able to watch the GymValet’s appearance over and over.  That made me happy!!

What didn’t make me happy was the fact that the GymValet wasn’t loaded with the sanitizing accoutrements!!  Over the course of the first two episodes of The Biggest Loser we have watched almost every contestant sweat, barf and hang/drape over virtually every piece of equipment that they touch.  That’s a lot of body and body fluid contact/spillage in a “community” use gym.  Never do the viewers see any evidence of cleaning/sanitizing supplies being available in The Biggest Loser Gym–let alone being used.  That’s both disgusting and dangerous!!  How much illness is spread among the contestants by using shared, unclean equipment.  We’re never told, so we’ll never know.

So, I’ll keep watching–the show in general, and for GymValet sightings.  Maybe one day we’ll see a GymValet put to it’s intended use–for the health and safety benefit of the contestants.  Be sure, if that happens, you’ll see that image posted on DrBruceSays.com, probably along with an image of me smiling from ear to ear!!

Good Greens Bars Revisited – Remarkable!!

New Pumpkin Spice Bar Added to Stellar Line-Up.

Last year at about this time I introduced you to a new line of nutrition bars–Good Greens Bars.  With another year under their belt, Good Greens continues to amaze and impress with their delicious, high-quality and VERY reasonably priced bar-line.

When was the last time you consumed a bar and were sad and reluctant to take that last bite–because that bite represented the end of a delicious taste bud stimulating nutrition break. Call me a bar-geek, but that’s what I feel every time I come to the end of a Good Greens bar.  New on the market from Good Greens is the Pumpkin Spice bar. WOW!! It’s delicious!!! A burst of pumpkin-spice flavor with the added bonus of a soy Greek yogurt coating makes the bar taste somewhat akin to  “pumpkin cheesecake.”

Not a pumpkin fan…I’m sure there are a few of you out there.  Never fear, Good Greens bars cover the gamut of the flavor spectrum.  Let me give a shout out to another new flavor: Blueberry Bliss – with heavy emphasis on the “bliss.”  Enough said!! (more…)

Happy Birthday – By the Numbers!

We have a cousin—for the sake of this post, we’ll call him “Max.”  Today is Max’s birthday—Happy Birthday Max!!

What makes his/this birthday so special is the “numerology” of it.  Max was born on February 3, 1945.  In numbers terms, that is 2-3-45.  Today, Max turns 67.  So, now the number string reads: 2-3-45 67.  Wow!

That got me thinking.  If Max can hit a six consecutive number string today, what other combination of birthdates and ages can achieve the same length, or longer, of consecutive numbers?

Here is the answer—in calendar order:


January  2, 1934                      56                                   1-2-34  56                              1980

January 23, 1945                    67                                   1-23-45 67*                          2012

February 3, 1945                    67                                   2-3-45   67                             2012**

March 4, 1956                          78                                   3-4-56   78                             2034

April 5, 1967                            89                                    4-5-67    89                            2056

December, 3, 1945                67                                  12-3-45  67                              2012

*Seven consecutive numbers

**Happy Birthday Max

As you can see, the year 1945 produced the most 6, or more, number-string birthdays—three.

Max, there are many reasons why you are so wonderfully special.  Today, add “numerology” to the “special” list.  Happy Birthday!!

My Day With President Barack Obama – January 4, 2012

Well worth the wait (and wait, and wait)…as captured by Dr. Bruce

Good Greens Bars: Dr. Bruce Tested & Approved!

Tasty, nutritious, and reasonably-priced nutrition bars hit the market!

Shout out to anyone and everyone who is looking for a good tasting, highly nutritious, and reasonable priced nutrition bar!  I found it.  Good Greens bars! If you are tired of insufferable medicine tasting, Sahara Desert dry and/or raw cookie dough consistency bars—go Good Greens.

Good Greens bars are chock full of every important nutrient known to man, and check in at about 195 Calories per bar.  To be a little more specific, each bar contains thoughtful amounts of antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins, trace minerals, phytochemicals, Omega 3’s, dietary fiber, green tea and acai berry extracts, and much more.  They also have a very interesting proportional (percentage) balance of carbohydrate, fat and protein:  40%-36%-24%.  This energy “footprint” obviously contributes to the bars’ low glycemic index—eat a bar and feel full, and fully satisfied!  And, have I mentioned that they taste really good—you can really taste the berries in the Wildberry bar–and are very reasonably priced.

Why am I so interested in nutrition bars?  As a 50-something year old endurance athlete—currently logging 60+ weekly running miles on the road, 2-3 miles in the water, and another hour or so of assorted cross training—I am always on the look out for new post-exercise “recovery” foods, as well as healthy, and tasty, grab-and-go energy boosters.  As I’m writing, I just had a bar about 20 minutes ago.  I’m full, I’m satisfied, and I’m confident that I’ve consumed a VERY nutritious bar—a great way to replenish/refresh myself after just finishing 10 (running) miles about 30 minutes ago.

Good Greens bars have caught my attention, my taste buds, and my professional “seal of approval”—Dr. Bruce endorsed and recommended!  Bon appétit.

Dr. Bruce Says…Drivers! Wake Up and Wise Up! Thank you.

Based on the fact that I had THREE “close encounters of the automobile-runner kind” yesterday morning–during a 10 minute period, I am now in favor of putting up more of these signs on the roads of America!

There I was minding my own business running, in the crosswalks, across intersections with the light in my favor and the little white “cross now” man brightly illuminated on the crosswalk signs when unthinking, non-observing, pedestrian-oblivious, gotta-get-to-work-at-all-costs, drivers came zooming into my intersection–causing me to jump out of the way to prevent getting hit and provoking me to express my “upset” by banging on the passenger windows of one car and banging on the trunk of another car to get the drivers’ attention and possibly get them to think about the proper way to turn right on red that they learned in drivers’ education class if they were paying attention and not texting and driving with the instructor in the passenger seat oblivious to the instructor’s instructions, and then to top it off a few minutes later I was inches from being splattered by a driver taking the hypotenuse of a left hand turn into a parking lot I was exiting (not squaring off the turn) and he was so close that when I put my left hand out to wave him over to his right my hand whacked his driver’s side mirror causing me to follow him back in to the parking lot and politely remind him to not cut his turns so tightly.

So there…to hell with the periods.  I just had to get it off my chest!!

Let’s all share the roads–safely–folks.  Turn right on red exercising proper caution.  Run/walk across intersections respecting the traffic signals.  Square off left hand turns.  And, don’t bang on cars or chase drivers into parking lots–the drivers may have something in their cars that goes BANG!, too.

One Third of a Century–The Streak Runs On!

My consecutive day running streak passed one third of a century on Thursday, September 14, 2011.  That’s 33 years, 122 days.

Something about that “number” has been quite intriguing to me.  One third of a century sounds powerful and long.  One third of a century is more digestible than 12,175 days, or 1,051,920,000 seconds; although passing the one billion second mark, last year, was a “cool” landmark for me–celebrated in an earlier post.

So, to honor the  “1/3” day, I decided to capture a few video moments–on the run–when the run was official.  I also decided to capture the moment when my GPS registered 3.33 miles!  Then, I couldn’t help but get a little nostalgic by evoking memories of my 40+ years of running.  You’ll also notice that I had a little brain cramp when I was documenting the big moment.  My bad!

Check out my video documentation of the big run.  As you’ll see in parts of the video, it’s the words and thoughts that have the most meaning; the hand-held videography has a lot to be desired.

Here’s to hoping that there are many more milestone runs in my future!  See you on the roads.

In Memory: Kurt Frankel, Ph.D.

What started over 18 years ago as a coach-athlete relationship, and over the past 15 years blossomed in to a friendship, “fanship,” and mutual admiration society ended tragically last Saturday morning (July 2, 2011) on a highway in Florida. Dr. Kurt Frankel, age 33, passed away as the result of a bicycle accident. Anyone who ever had the chance to meet Kurt was better for it. This is a heartbreaking loss, especially for his wife Stephanie, and his family.

A short while ago as I was looking through the GymValet website, I noticed that Kurt was in four pictures that are on the site. The images were taken at a photo shoot in late-December, 2005. Kurt was a strapping, healthy young man; a perfect model.

Those pictures now have an all new meaning for me. They will forever be a living memorial to my
friend Kurt. The two images at the top of this post are obvious—that’s Kurt pumping iron. The other two images, at the bottom of the post are a bit more subtle, but definitely Kurt.

Rest in peace!

Picture #1: That’s Kurt on the far right.
Picture #2: That’s Kurt with his right hand on his hip.
The Biggest Loser’s Patrick House & Marci Crozier | IHRSA 2011

Dr. Bruce never passes up a chance to meet and chat with Biggest Loser contestants. 


12,000 Days Days in a Row…and Counting!

Dr. Bruce’s Consecutive Day Running Streak Passes Another Round Number.

I run every day.  I have run every day for a long time.  To be exact, I have run every day for almost 33 years–since May 16, 1978.  Along the way, I have always enjoyed celebrating round number and/or milestone  “anniversaries.”

Last Wednesday, I celebrated one of those round number anniversaries: 12,000 days in a row!  That equates out to 32 years, 10 months, and 8 days (eight leap days are included in the total).  I wore my Garmin 305 GPS for the big occasion, so I would know exactly when the run was official–for me 3.00 continuous miles makes a run official.  When I hit 3.00…I smiled (outwardly and to myself) and then carried on to finish my run and get on with my day.  Simple as that. 

[To honor day 12,000, I decided to attach a picture from the archives:  That’s me finishing the Cherry Blossom Race (10 miles) in Washington, D.C.–March 1980!  A golden moment in my running career: 54:29 (5:26.9 per mile), 113th place overall, my fastest 10 miler, ever.]       

I try not to make a big deal out of my anniversary days; I do, however, like to take pause to have a little personal celebration.  The 12,000 day celebration was a quick toast–a cold beer in a chilled glass–with my wife Debra, before dinner. 

So, as far as landmarks go, the next one up will be 33 years on May 15th.  Then, I must admit I am looking forward to the next one on September 14, 2011:  33 years, 122 days, or one-third of a century! 

See you on the roads!



One Billion Seconds.. and Still Running!

My “Spin” on One Billion.

Earlier this year, on Friday, January 22nd , the length of my consecutive day running passed the 1 billion second mark.  In more “digestible” terms, that is 31 years, 8 months and 7 days, or 11,575 consecutive days!  My billion second odyssey started on May 16, 1978.

One billion seconds has spanned three complete decades, the 80’s, 90’s and the 00’s.  I have run through the regimes of six US presidents.  I was almost 210 millions seconds, or 2,421 days, into my streak when LeBron James was born (I live in the Cleveland-area; Go Cavs!).

Over the course of those one billion seconds, I have run approximately 82,000 miles.  If I would have turned those 82,000 miles into a continuous 1 billion second run—I would have covered 5.19 inches every second, 0.295 miles every hour, and/or 7.08 miles each day.  If I would have run my 82,000 miles around the greatest circumference of the earth, I would now be on my fourth lap, having completed 3.25 circuits of the globe. (more…)

Dr. Bruce on America’s Funniest Home Videos!

Have you ever shot a video and said to yourself, “Wow, that was incredible.  I should send that in to America’s Funniest Home Videos (AFV).”  Well I had one of those moments while on vacation in Hawaii with my wife in January of 1997.

We were visiting a college buddy of mine, Franklin Marcus, who happened to live on the Big Island, who happened to have just purchased a boat, and who happened to have purchased an cute yellow lab. puppy–“Hokulani (or Hoku for short)”–about two months earlier.  It was the perfect “happening!”